Best WordPress Hosting – An In-Depth Analysis of WordPress Hosts

It’s no secret that trying to find the best WordPress hosting company is a real struggle. The more you look, the more garbage you’ll find. Most WordPress hosting review posts are nothing more than a shameless cash grab with little or no attention paid to the part that actually matters: which host provides the best WordPress hosting?

If you’ve created a website sometime in the last 10 years, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve had to host WordPress before. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the web. And with its popularity comes an absolute smorgasbord of different hosting companies to choose from when hosting your WordPress site. You can host WordPress on nearly any host but many are better than others and our goal is to reveal every pro and con of these different options which are available.

We’re determined to reveal what is truly the best WordPress hosting option by taking a purely data backed approach. We have literally signed up for each and every single WordPress host, deployed a test site which will actually remain live so you can test them yourself and further validate our results.

Our Approach to Finding the Best Host for WordPress

We’ve bench marked them for every facet of performance possible, even submitted mock support tickets to go beyond just how fast these hosts are but how well they actually handle customer service. So if one host slightly edges out another in speed, we will highlight who is the best in terms of taking care of simple issues that might arise while managing your site.

Again we are keeping our test sites live with everything identical on each one. All registered on the same domain registrar (NameCheap) to make sure there is absolutely nothing flawed with our testing conditions. Each site install has the exact same plugins and theme, the configurations are completely the same so our bench marking is dead on accurate.

We wanted to set the standard for performance testing and keep our testing sites live so our visitors can actually see the results first hand. We have also implemented security measures in case one of the losing hosting tries to get sneaky and throttle the site to make it appear to be slower than it is.

Revealing WordPress Hosting for what it Really is

This is our goal, plain and simple. We’re tired of all the bullshit hosting reviews or WordPress that are only driven by affiliate commissions. Our comparison is based on data and the data only, not which hosting company pays the most commissions. And we will continually monitor and review their performance over time, since from experience we know that while some hosts might kick ass today, 6 months from now things can change drastically.

Tools We’re Using to Test Performance

We didn’t want to use just one single tool otherwise that would potentially flaw our results. Instead we’re using 3 of the best tools out there and merging this data to give us more accurate results.

We’re using Gtmetrix, Pingdom, and Loadimpact then we’re taking the resulting data and averaging it to create the truly ultimate results.

What WordPress Hosting Companies are we Using?

We have picked only the top hosts in the business which is quite a few.

That’s our current run down of standard hosts who are WordPress friendly, we will also be adding to the list if a provider has the merit. No host is safe, we are pulling up the vial and finally revealing who is truly the best WordPress host in the game.

Enjoy our analysis and we are certain this will make finding the ideal host not only quick and painless but that you’ll rest comfortably knowing 100% real data has guided your decision.